Frases d cumple para un hijo

Frases d cumple para un hijo

Happy Birthday son SANTI

Dear godson! I wish you lots of joy, love, bright impressions and new discoveries. ❤️ May each new day be full of happiness, may it be more wonderful than the previous one. May everything in your life be only "good" or "wonderful".

My dear godchild, ❤️ may your life consist only of pleasant surprises that promise immense benefits, may your guardian angel guide you and point out the right decisions, and may difficulties and bad luck never pass your house, may your health never fail and may it always be a source of envy for others.

Dear godchild! May each new day bring you unforgettable emotions and new feelings. May every step you take be an effort to conquer new heights. ❤️Que truth help you to solve all your pressing problems. May life be interesting and happy, may the events of your personal life be meaningful and bright. Achieve many things in this life. May your youth be generous and beautiful.

Dear godchild! May God's grace grant you happiness and love. May the wonder of God warm your heart and the warmth of your soul and your desire to breathe freely make your life better. May your guardian angel guide and protect you, and may good intentions and thoughts prevail in your mind at all times. May every moment of your life be filled with peace, tranquility and hope for a beautiful future.

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Las mañanitas the best gift for my son

I'm writing this article because there are many moms who asked me for ideas to create a Dragon Ball or Goku themed party for their kids, BUT I want to say that I have always loved Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, GT, movies and more haha. Well it touched me right in my childhood, and having a brother -man- even more so.

The coloring pages, surely your guests love to color with crayons, so here I leave you some dragon ball drawings in white so they can do it (click to print in big size):

7.- The candy bags, you may buy the ones that come printed, but if not some little boxes of this type can be a good option, it's a matter of finding the color or paint them and just print the stamps that I put below (click and enlarge):

Happy birthday oscar

Dear son, I want to wish you everything and more: may you be healthy and happy, may luck smile on you and may success always walk by your side. May your friends be loyal, your health be good and your love be mutual. I wish you to reach the highest and may you never stop in what you have achieved, may you always go only forward.

Son, may every moment of your life be happy! May you have good health, many great achievements and bright prospects! Continue to be such a cheerful and open person, may only good people surround you, my son! Know that I am always close to you and will love you with all my heart forever.

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My dear son, I wish you an easy life. May all bad things never know their way to you. May good luck be your trusted friend and success your constant guest. I wish you the best of health, a long and happy life and may the Almighty protect you.

My dear son, may your life be full of bright colors and happy moments, may all goals be within your reach! Remain a strong, brave and courageous man. I wish you only devoted friends, dizzying successes and steely health.

Happy Birthday Gabriel

"You thought that just focusing on your future would be enough to redeem you, didn't you? You don't seem to understand something obvious, so I'll show you! The past can't be extinguished! What goes around here comes around here! Let's decay together Enji Todoroki! Come dance with your son in hell!

Later when his younger brother Shoto was born, Toya stopped being trained. This caused him great frustration and he felt ignored by his own father, who began to forbid him to train and advised him to play with his brothers Natsuo and Fuyumi. Gradually, Toya began to break down emotionally and became obsessed with training and surpassing his father and All Might. He also began to hate his brother Shoto for being born as the "perfect product" of his father and disowning his mere existence, going so far as to attack him to death when he was a newborn, having to be stopped by his mother using her Gift leaving him wounded.

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Already as a young adult he shows himself as a stoic, cold and distant person, sometimes sarcastic and irreverent but also quite cunning and bold. He is also quite rude, in his first meeting with Tomura Shigaraki he showed a lack of manners and was disrespectful to Tomura, who was supposed to be his leader and showed dislike to his person saying he was disappointed that he was going to be his superior. He has a cynical view of heroes and in many situations makes reference to the ideal that heroes follow of protecting people's lives first before themselves and has fun showing their hypocrisy.

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